About the ECD Device

What is sub-atomic electro-kinetic energy?

You know of and understand electro-kinetic energy as the invisible energy force associated with a standard magnet. The inventor simply has come-up with a way to utilize this force to create electricity. Similar to the way a sail-boat utilizes the force of wind to travel windward, that is, in the direction the wind is blowing.

Is this sub-atomic electro-kinetic energy safe?

As safe as any standard magnet that you may have laying around your home or stuck to your refrigerator.

Are you telling me that the ECD device will produce electricity without any fuel and that it will never need to be charged to work?

Yes, some people have called it a “Green Energy Miracle”. The initial residential device that will be manufactured will be the size of a standard home air-conditioning condenser unit (the unit that is on the outside of your house). It will provide/generate enough electricity to power a standard 4,000 sqft home for your life-time and then some. This is possible because the electro-kinetic energy used to operate the device is estimated to last for around 400 years. No additional fuel or consumable resource will ever be needed to power the device. To review/read the actual provisional patent that ECD Energy Corp filed, select the button below to view the PDF file.

When can I buy an ECD residential Device?

ECD Energy Corp is in its development stage and has not started manufacturing the devices but today you can participate in the ECD Energy ONE-TIME reward-based crowd-funding campaign and secure/acquire an ECD residential device as a contribution reward.

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