About the Campaign

About the ECD Reward-Based Crowd-Funding Campaign

By participating in a campaign, contributors are supporting an idea, project, or cause they care about and want to help make happen.

What is a reward-based crowd-funding campaign?

Reward-based crowd-funding is a type of small business financing in which a company takes financial contributions from individuals in return for a to-be-manufactured product. In the ECD Energy Corp “We the People” rewards campaign, for a contribution of $100 USD the backers will receive one of our revolutionary residential energy devices for their contribution when it is manufactured. This campaign is designed to provide a ONE-TIME opportunity for the common person who would otherwise not be able to afford/purchase one of our devices.

About the ECD residential device being offered as part of the campaign!

The reward-based residential device will be around the size of a standard home air-conditioning condenser unit (the unit that is on the outside of your house). It will provide enough electricity to power a standard 4,000 sqft home for our life-time and then some. This is because the electro-kinetic energy used to operate the device is estimated to last for around 400 years. No additional fuel or consumable resource will ever be needed to power the device.

If I participate/contribute to the campaign today, when can I expect delivery and installation of my device?

It is our plan to start manufacturing within 6 months after the success of the campaign. During that time frame, we will contract all willing existing gasoline-powered electric generator manufactures to immediately convert their facilities to build our device. At the same time, we will also contract all willing major hardware, home and building supply stores to provide immediate delivery and installation services for our company.

How do I contribute to the campaign and secure/obtain a energy device?

You simply click on the “Contribute Now” button and download your digital title.

For your contribution you will immediately receive a one-of-a-kind digital title/asset to your device. At the publishing of this information, we are not aware of a similar digital title/asset anywhere in the world.

Learn More About the ECD Titles

The initial funding goal is only around $7 million USD (70,000 reward contributions/titles). Upon the achievement of this goal ECD Energy Corp will move into the start-up stage and start manufacturing of the contributors devices. Stage two of our campaign will be a Tron Link smart contract. Because of the importance of our energy device for the furture of mankind we believe that “ECD” will soon be a house hold name.

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