ECD Energy Corp Contracts Expert Team of Coders

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, April 22, 2020. ECD has contracted an International team of coders to build a customized ‘Digital Title’ (DT) crowd-sales and crypto exchange website. The project will be completed in three phases. Phase One will be a ECD DT crowd-sales website that will utilize the Ethereum platform. The DT platform will have a Ethereum Wallet that will allow the ECD crowd-sale website contributors to send/transfer the Titles member-to-member. The platform will also have a multi-level Affiliates/Referral commissions network system that will payout in tokens and/or cash.

For Phase Two the coders will integrate the very special RAIDA-C Image-Based Digital Title that was distributed to the Indiegogo campaign contributors and a Social Media package with video messaging/conferencing abilities.

For Phase Three (P3) the coders will incorporate a complete crypto-exchange platform that will allow contributors to also trade any fiat and crypto-currency. The P3 platform will have Multiple Account/E Wallet Solutions, Integrated Messaging, Buy/Sell of Gift Cards and Member-to-Member fund transfer capability. For P3 stage two the coders will integrate the ability to list the RAIDA-C Image-based Digital Title that was distributed to the Indiegogo contributors. Upon the completion of P3 all CloudCoin/RAIDA Assets will be tradable on the ECD Platform.