ECD Energy Corp Receives Customized ‘Title of Ownership’ from CloudCoin

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, April 21, 2020. ECD Energy Corp (ECD) and CloudCoin have been working on a special ‘Digital Title of Ownership’ for its reward-based Indiegogo campaign contributors. The contributors will receive a new type of electronic title in the form of a digital picture (a JPEG file). Hidden within the code of this file is a unique serial number to one of the revolutionary ECD residential energy devices. Also embedded is authentication data that can only be verified or validated through the RAIDA network. A double layered authentication procedure and the distributed RAIDA server network setup ensures that the authentication nodes are entirely obfuscated making the process impenetrable and counterfeit-free. RAIDAtech was recently granted a U.S. patent for this “Method of Authenticating and Exchanging Virtual Currency”.

The reward-based contributor can hold, protect, safeguard and authenticate the ECD ‘Digital Title of Ownership’ in a customized ECD Wallet via an APP build by CloudCoin coders. The ECD Titles cannot be permanently lost like other digital assets or crypto-currencies. The new RAIDA-C token technology provides extreme security and greater privacy over other crypto assets. Please review the ECD Title page for more information.