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A Wyoming Statutory Close Corporation

The Dawn of a New Era

ECD Energy Corp has a patent pending for a new type of energy device like none before it. The company calls it a “Electro-kinetic Combination Drive” (ECD). The ECD converts sub-atomic electro-kinetic energy generated by the sinuous form of electrons within an atomically aligned conductive material into electricity. The first step of the process is through the strategic combination and balancing of electro-kinetic energy at twenty four reaction points, where the sub-atomic energy is converted into kinetic energy in the form of circular motion. The kinetic energy is then used to establish a magnetic flux within an air gap and as a result of a relative motion with the air gap flux an electrical potential is induced within a set of coils, which is called “Electricity”.

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We the People

Our Commitment to “We the People”

We view our invention as a true gift to “We the People” that will revolutionize and set a new paradigm for the energy industry. One day, we see a miniaturized ECD device powering the hand-held smart phone or computer that you are reading this website on and it will never have to be charged. But, how many times have we all heard about a new energy device or invention and then it simply disappears? Well, it took a while to take its form, but we think that we have finally managed to find a fantastic solution to ensure that our device gets in the hands of “We the People”, therein guaranteeing that the common person can benefit from this magnificent technology.

Instead of drawing from institutional, private investors or venture capitalists and possibly losing control of our invention, we chose to take a different road to build the initial devices. Our solution is a reward-based crowd-funding campaign that will directly grant the “We the People” contributors a right of ownership to the very first residential devices manufactured. The process will include the immediate receipt of a digital title to the contributor’s to-be-manufactured device.

Reward-Based Crowd-Funding Campaign 

The ECD Title of Ownership

Campaign Host ECD Energy Corp
Contribution Amount to Earn One (1) ECD Title of Ownership $ 100 USD
Total Number of Titles Available 70,000
Title Network RAIDAtech Network
Digital Wallet ECD Vault by RAIDAtech
Affiliate Program Available
Start of Campaign To Be Announced


The ECD Energy Guarantee

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